Invalid choice error when use conda env config vars

I try to set my environment variables in current activate env. First, I conda activate my_envs.
But, when I run like:

conda env config vars list

Error said

usage: conda-env [-h] {attach,create,export,list,remove,upload,update} ...
conda-env: error: invalid choice: 'config' (choose from 'attach', 'create', 'export', 'list', 'remove', 'upload', 'update')

I am so confused why it happened and how to solve this problem.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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dear cxd1207944328.

thank you for your positing.

Because it’s an unexpected command. In conda, conda env has the same meaning as conda-env. At that time, if an option that exists in the conda-env command is not specified, an error will be output.

By all means, please check the command reference with conda-env -h.

Regards, you.