Installing Anaconda3 on ARM64/aarch64

I am trying to install Anaconda3 under Manjaro Linux on an ARM64/aarch64 SoC with 8Gb RAM and 128 Gate memory using the Anaconda installer with the aarch64 2021.12 script as per the instructions on
When I run the bash script I get an “illegal instruction” on line 408 and the script terminates.
I’ve looked at the instructions with a text editor but I can’t see the error.
Can anyone help with a correction to the script or an explanation as to what is happening please?


Seem like they have compiled for Neoverse N1 AWS Graviton2 CPU with 8.2 ISA only.
Anaconda2 2022.05 fails for me on Cavium Tx2 with ISA 8.1.


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I am having the same problem. Where can one find source code to build this from scratch?

How did you determine which platform was the target of the compilation? Where is the build pipeline? Who is the “they” that built the script?

The target platform I was using was a Raspberry Pi 4B… The Script I used was “using the Anaconda installer with the aarch64 2021.12 script as per the instructions on” as I said above Wiliam, and its freely available for downloading.
I abandoned the project when nobody replied (I posted nearly a year ago) and am using the Pi as a telescope guiding platform and using my MacBook to run Anaconda which was much more straightforward.
Sorry I can’t be more help.

Yes, the script is available, the problem is that the script is mostly useless. As Torel pointed out, it contains embedded executables that are compiled for the wrong platform. My question is not about where to find the script, but rather how it is built. The script is not the source. I’m trying to locate the build pipeline that is used to generate that script so that I can get it built for my platform. The lack of traffic on this thread after a year is indeed disconcerting.