Illegal instruction when attempt to install Anaconda on Ubuntu 22.04

When I attempt to install Anaconda on mt ARM64 with Ubuntu 22.04 I recieive this error: line 408: 44896 Illegal instruction (core dumped) “$CONDA_EXEC” constructor --prefix “$PREFIX” --extract-conda-pkgs
I am a PC veteran but bit of a Linux newbie. am learning as I go. I have it successfully installed on my Win 10 machine and I am trying to install it on my Pi 4 for a class. Any help is appreciated.


dear Brandon_Currey.

Thank you for your contribution to the anaconda community.

The key to solving the problem you encountered is in the downloaded program.
Below is a part of the program that throws out the error you encountered with the less command installed in Linux.

export TMP_BACKUP=“$TMP”
export TMP=$PREFIX/install_tmp

printf “Unpacking payload …\n”
dd if=“$THIS_PATH” bs=1 skip=11378185 count=8695 2>/dev/null
dd if=“$THIS_PATH” bs=16384 skip=695 count=33510 2>/dev/null
dd if=“$THIS_PATH” bs=1 skip=560414720 count=14896 2>/dev/null
} | “$CONDA_EXEC” constructor --extract-tar --prefix “$PREFIX”

“$CONDA_EXEC” constructor --prefix “$PREFIX” --extract-conda-pkgs || exit 1

An approach to solve this problem is solved if the following requirements are met:

  1. The command line environment for installing anaconda must be a program called sh or bash.

How to check can be determined by using the following command.

ps -o args= -p “$$”

2.At least 4GB of memory allocated to the Linux environment for installing anaconda.

You can check by using the following command.

free -g

If both requirements are not met, the Rasberry Pi will complain about insufficient memory.

If ubuntu is installed, the requirement 1 should be met, so you need to select hardware that satisfies the requirement 2.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

best regards.

My environment is bash and I have 7.9 gigs of memory available.