Anaconda and Minicoda .sh installer crash on AARCH64 Jetson TX2 and Raspbian latest

crash on Jetson TX2 8GB RAM Ubuntu 20.04 and Pi 4 latest PiOS 64bit

bash ~/Downloads/ -b -p $HOME/anaconda3
Unpacking payload …
/home/gy/Downloads/ line 1264: 9428 Illegal instruction (core dumped) “$CONDA_EXEC” constructor --prefix “$PREFIX” --extract-conda-pkgs


Unpacking payload …
Downloads/ line 1163: 10978 Illegal instruction (core dumped) CONDA_QUIET=“$BATCH” “$CONDA_EXEC” constructor --prefix “$PREFIX” --extract-conda-pkgs

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I seem to experience the same on a fresh RPi install.

Raspberry Pi 4, RPi OS (bookworm aarch64). Most recent miniconda

~/Downloads $ bash


Unpacking payload … line 1163: 2606 Illegal instruction CONDA_QUIET=“$BATCH” “$CONDA_EXEC” constructor --prefix “$PREFIX” --extract-conda-pkgs

Solution: miniconda does not work on Raspberry Pi 4, use miniforge

wget “$(uname)-$(uname -m).sh”

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Thanks a ton for the suggestion, worked on a Jetson TX2 and a Pi 4 4GB without a hitch.

A Pi Zero, even the 2, is still extremely limited with 512GB and in the Pi OS 64bit GUI you can’t even run the initial update without crashing it, but miniforge installed nicely if sloooowly and python -m http.server delivered quickly.

Only problem is with the double quotes you used. The cmd would not paste into the Pi terminal, but interestingly into the text editor. Took me a while to find out about the special chars that were a problem in the terminal.


Glad I could help, Günter. Curious with the double quotes…

So, this seems a pretty obvious BUG on this bug reporting forum and nobody cares?

To my understanding it’s a known issue, and not high up in the priority list of the developers.

See Unsupported OS: Raspberry Pi 4 · Issue #11395 · conda/conda · GitHub