How do I update python with miniconda?

I need to install python 3.11. But I have other tools, cadquery and such that I’m currently working on, that are all using 3.9, and so I don’t want to mess with anything that might screw them up.

So I guess it’s not really an update so much as needing both versions in parallel.

I am not clear if I’m supposed to somehow install a unique venv that contains python 3.11, or just install it systemwide, and then somehow tell the system that when using this specific venv, use a different version of python.

Any tips appreciated.


I would create a new conda environment with python 3.11 in it and any packages you need to use with it:
conda create -n py311env python=3.11

That is the recommended approach.

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I misunderstood how this works, I thought I was supposed to install python3.11 somehow, then create the environment that used it. Duh on my part.