I need some guidelines to improve

Hello. Firsts my name is Marcus. I purchased Commercial Edition because I need some programing in my college, but I am not programmer, I am Chemist. I am looking for docs or books that could help me in things like configuring Jupyter Notebooks or what are the steps that one must follow in order to build a desktop app using anaconda. I have reviewing documentation in this page, but I am a few lost.
I would like to do friends here. Programming has been an excellent therapy and I want to continue learning.
If I say some bad thing, please tell me and of course I left doing it.
Greetings and good night

Pdt: Excuse me for me English level, I am not the best in writing English.

That’s a pretty broad question! I would suggest the first thing you can do is decide on a more specific thing you want to build. Could it be accomplished as a command-line application? Would a library be more appropriate? Those would be the easiest to do.

If you want to learn how to make a desktop GUI application because you are interested in that field and want the experience, you have a few options. Probably the most complete experience is by using the library pyqt5 - but it is quite a steep learning curve! There are many tutorials available (e.g., First programs in PyQt5 - center window, tooltip, quit button, message box ) for building and running an interface, but, again, you would be best off deciding what you want your application to do.