Quick question - can I run Anaconda from an external hard drive?

Dear Anyone.

Only ever programmed in Cobol and Fortran so I expect I’ll be back with more dumbass questions - but just for now, cos I’ve never used Python/Anaconda or anything similar - can I put it on/run it from an external hard drive, the hard drive being housed in a caddy and USB’d to the desktop PC?

The PC itself’s got a Foxpro 1 Motherboard with 16 gigs RAM and a Pentium processor - I’m not expert enough to be able to give massive processor details but it runs most things fine (though it puffs a bit sometimes!) It’s just the internal hard drive’s pretty full and I was wondering if I could use an external. (I know I could uninstall a wedge from the internal and reinstall it on the external to use Anaconda on the internal but I dunno which way to go.)

Yours hopefully