How to enter terminal input? conda create not working

I’m following the README guide do install a new env with:

!conda create --name NAME_OF_ENVIRONMENT python=3.9 ipykernel

But then I get asked if I want to continue and it gets stuck. How do I enter yes?

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dear patloeber.

Thank you for your contribution to the Anaconda community.
In this case, Jupyter cannot recognize yes in the installer.
This is because the installer process is started from python’s which is separate from jupyter.

That’s why I recommend installing from the command line.

Regards, you.

Thanks for the reply.
But now I’m confused. Your Notebooks Getting Started README.ipynb has this exact command listed, also with the exclamation mark, indicating that this should be run from a notebook. Is the README wrong, or am I missing something here?

Hey @patloeber,
You can add the -y option of conda create to automatically say yes to anything. If you want to do it in a jupyter notebook. The exclamation point is actually telling the command to be run in the terminal.

I hope that helps at least this problem.