How do you open latest Python with Anaconda 3?

I have the latest python 3.10 installed with all the require packages. Apparently, folium codes don’t open world map unless I got Jupyter notebook. The Python is a separate installation. I just got Anaconda 3 installed and I don’t know how to link my separately installed python with Anaconda 3.

Do I have to install all the packages again in anaconda?

Hi @lau_kevin and welcome!

I’m not quite following why you’re mentioning folium, could you explain why in more details?

It seems from your post that you’ve installed Python 3.10 on its own on your laptop and installed packages (I assume with pip) and that you’ve separately installed Anaconda. If so I believe you will indeed have to reinstall for Anaconda the packages you already installed for the first Python distribution. To do so you could create a virtual environment with the Python version you require and the packages by running the following from the command line: conda create -n yourenvname python=3.10 package1 package2 ....

So basically I don’t really need the python separate and uninstall the original python.

Quickstart — Folium 0.12.1 documentation (

I’m talking about Folium package to create world map without using Juypter notebook or is that not possible?

Folium allows you to save a map as an HTML file so yes I believe you could create a world map without using Jupyter notebook.

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