First install with conda extremely slow

I’m brand new to this, so bear with me, but in following along with the conda workflow video – so creating my first environment, and installing my first packages (jupyter, dask, pandas, and hvplot) – and that first install took an unexpectedly long time (3-5 min by my estimation, long enough for me to be concerned, start googling, and read up on a few things), and spiked my CPU and GPU usage briefly. It also took considerably longer than the example video, which seemed almost instantaneous. (I’m running Windows 10 on a machine with 64 GB RAM, a 5950x CPU, and a rtx 3090 GPU. I don’t know if this is relevant except to say that typically it can handle stuff.)

Considering this is the first environment, the usual “start from a new environment” advice doesn’t seem relevant. I’m concerned that there’s an issue with installation or something I’m not aware of.

Should this be happening? If not, what should my next steps be?


3-5 minutes is not a long time to install those packages as a number of package dependencies will need to be installed as well as Python and related packages. Also, the installation time will depend on the speed of your internet connection as well.

Thanks for answering!