Facing connection problems after re-installing Anaconda

I re-installed Anaconda after I by-mistakenly broke it by closing the terminal while the whole Anaconda was upgrading with the command - conda upgrade --all
I thought re-installing will solve all the problems, but nothing seems to be solved.
The screenshot attached shows that there is a connection problem with error in the directory which is being used by the terminal to connect to conda and run the Python code. Please help me how to resolve this issue as uninstalling and re-installing takes a long time…


Welcome to the Anaconda Community!
Unfortunately, I think you will need to uninstall and reinstall Anaconda.

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This scenario I’ve is after re-installing Anaconda.
Also, I’m able to work in Spyder IDE and Visual Studio Code without any issue, so there must be a way except re-installing!
The reason I need PyCharm is because of its ligatures I like a lot during coding. @sweller