Download and save R packages

On one Windows computer, Anaconda Navigator, Python, R… work including installing packages and libraries. Among other things, it simply connects to the internet secure and works normally. (box1)

Now another Windows server is available (box2). Box 2 has much better resources, like 3TB RAM. With one problem: It cannot be allowed to connect to the internet. When I took over box2, AN is already loaded. It shared the same A professional license with Box1. 1 environment has Python, another has R only. None of the three environments created has complete R and Python. Or even they have both, there is always need to install additional package and libraries. But there is no internet access allowed.

So is there a way to use box1 to access, download, and store all R packages on a shared network where box 2 can access and do the update? I have read several writings about repositories. All appear to require internet access and require the repository to be like “http://api…”. Which does not work on internal network.


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@JackEvans or @Carlos_Valin - would you be able to help this person with the above problem he is having or do you have any suggestions for sites that he can access for more info?


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