Do I have to purchase Anaconda Pro even in the closed network?

I am a developer who handles data in a company with more than 200 employees.

I understand that in order to access the Anaconda Repository and download packages, I need to purchase Anaconda Pro or higher according to the Anaconda Terms of Service.

I have one question for you.

The environment I work in is Closed Network. I can’t access any external network, I mean I can’t use the internet. I copied the Anaconda Distribution installer on the labtop and installed it. I am creating a simple python program using only the packages included in the Anaconda Distribution. Because network access is not available in this environment, Anaconda Repository cannot be accessed.

I wonder if I should buy Anaconda Pro in my environment like this.

Thank you.


If you are working in an environment with no internet access but need to access the Anaconda repositories, Anaconda Server is the right product for you. We have an ‘airgap’ installer for Anaconda Server. You want Anaconda Server because you need to create your own package mirror in this case.