Conda install -c anaconda openai -- fails to install

Puzzled. Package openai is listed in Anaconda as a valid package. Anaconda finds the package metadata, then comes screen-fulls of “frozen solve”, and failed current_repodata.json, etc. I let this run over night, with screen-fulls of errors, and various messages. Ultimately, the package never installed. Below is my second run, to show this list the system responses. Seeking help/advice how I can install this package.

===> Here are the commands and responses from my second attempt:
(base) C:\Users\David>conda install -c anaconda openai
Retrieving notices: …working… done
Collecting package metadata (current_repodata.json): done
Solving environment: failed with initial frozen solve. Retrying with flexible solve.
Solving environment: failed with repodata from current_repodata.json, will retry with next repodata source.

CondaError: KeyboardInterrupt

Terminate batch job (Y/N)? y


Have you tried installing the package into a newly created conda environment and not the ‘base’ environment?

I would try this:

conda create -n openaienv
conda activate openaienv
conda install -c anaconda openai

@sweller, thank you for responding! I started to implement your suggestion, and Anaconda popped up a message stating there was a newer version, should I install? Of course, yes. That installation looked like the others. Resolving errors, deprecated this, and lines and lines of output. After a few hours I hit Ctrl-C.

I am really struggling with this environment, and I got busy on other things that programming. I am thinking to delete Anacanda and go for a fresh install. My environment in Windows 10, on 64-bit OS. Are there any other users experiencing this, or am I unique?

I’ve found the -c main, -c anaconda and -c conda-forge as channels for open-ai, over here, here and over here

But when I try to find it from the (which is the commercial repository), I can’
t seem to find it.


My best guess, is that in the anaconda commercial repository, there is not yet any openai packages that has been released. Which can happen because it’s a bit stricter here, in comparison to the more public repositories. I think you have to contact one of the AnacondaCloud admins to ask when it’s going to be released. Otherwise, you’re probably best to use conda-forge instead.

Are you have the same trouble installing openai from - main & main/win-64? I did a dry run install for win-64 and it seemed to solve quickly for me with openai v0.27.4 from main. The anaconda channel on is a mirror - and we don’t recommend using it to install packages from.

Thank you CrystalS - so far, no joy. The openai package is in the link you provided. I pointed the conda install to the full path name, and still I get all kinds of frozen solve, and retrying, and failed messages.

Am I the only one with these messages? I am wondering to delete my entire Anaconda installation and reinstall. I will wait a day before I do that, hopefully somebody has some ideas for me, instead of a reinstall.

CORRECTION - the openai package installed. Ignore my last message. The install took over 15 minutes and I thought to let it run to another abort… but it concluded successfully. Package downloaded. Thank you all for your suggestions, I have learned much in the process.