Can't open anaconda navigator in mac m1

can’t open anaconda navigator in mac m1 . how to troubleshoot it

Hello and welcome to the community. We’re currently in the process of building out M1 support and unfortunately, the currently shipping version of Navigator does not yet support it. However, we’re working on it and hope to ship a version of Navigator that’s compatible with M1 macs soon.

Was this ever updated? I’m having issues with the m1/ARM version on 2 different computers. I have python 3.1 running, but the navigator GUI disappears from the computer and won’t load.

Yes, it was, but not for python 3.10 yet (I’m assuming you meant python 3.10 instead of 3.1 in your question). There are M1 (osx-arm64) builds for Navigator starting at version 2.1.2 released in February, but only for python 3.8 and 3.9. Navigator support for osx-arm64 + python 3.10 support will be added in the next Navigator release, coming soon.