By what rules do your curated packages in main/ and anaconda/ channel get updated

I have not been able to find any information that somehow describes the rules for when packages receive updates inside the main channel. I know there always is conda-forge, so far I’m still a fan of the main channel as it just works.

There is also a concrete example that made me ask that question:
The black code formatter has finally received a stable version some time ago (and a lot of new features) yet the versions in main/ and anaconda/ already seem a bit dusty with their age being more than two years.
Is there a rule that blocks any updates? Have those just been fogotten? Do I really have to move to conda-forge?

It would be good to know. Some people are with organizations that only allow updates from the main channel. Similar issue with trying to get an update for Spyder Update Spyder to the latest version - Product Help / Packages & Environments - Anaconda Community