Anaconda upgrade and virtual environment error

im getting this error message with Anaconda navigator “Anaconda3-2023.09-0-Windows-x86_64” is it a bug or there’s something wrong with my computer and all. im trying to create a virtual environment and or to upgrade the navigator but its giving me this error message. how do i best resolve this?? please help:

UnavailableInvalidChannel: HTTP 404 NOT FOUND for channel conda-forge-cosmic

The channel is not accessible or is invalid.

You will need to adjust your conda configuration to proceed.
Use conda config --show channels to view your configuration’s current state,
and use conda config --show-sources to view config file locations.

Clicking the URL is giving me this message but theres absolutely nothing wrong with my spellings cause clicking “update now” doesnt require me to spell anything:

The user, conda-forge-cosmic, you are looking for cannot be found.

Please check your spelling.