Anaconda problem with mac m1 chip

I’ve met a confused problem, after i installed anaconda3 in my mac, it would disappeared from my installed folder after a while. It has been happened several times, and i tried two different methods to install it, but result shows no difference:

For both method, I can successfully installed and used it correctly, but after a while, the whole installed folder will miss from my mac. Then I try the miniforge3, it works well and show no same error~

Detail of mac:
Apple M1 Pro,
32 GB,
macOS Ventura version 13.6
Python 3.11.5

I try to see the system.log, but there are no ‘delete’ tag in it~

Does anybody has any idea to help me figure this problem out?



Thanks for reaching out, that problem must be caused due to a malfunction in your OS or a third party application that is deleting Anaconda, I would suggest you to take a look at these possible causes.