Cannot install Anaconda - Mac Air M1

I am using Mac Air M1. I uninstalled Anaconda a few years ago. Now I need to install again. But there is nan error message - Chosen path already exists ‘/opt/anaconda3’ , (please relaunch the installer and choose another location in the Destination Select step.

I think that means the old path/folder is still there so the new Anaconda cannot be installed. So I also attach the screenshot of my file/folders under user, and I see many “anaconda” related folders. So what should I do now? Please advise?

Please try to uninstall Anaconda and install it again.

I’m going to leave you the installer here for your platform so that you can install it:

There is the x86 installer as well:

It’s also advisable to completely uninstall Anaconda before proceeding with the installation to make sure to get rid of any errors, you can do that if you follow these instructions:

macOS or Linux

  1. Open your terminal application.
  2. Remove your entire Anaconda directory with rm -rf. Depending on your installation, your anaconda2 or anaconda3 directory will be in your root folder or in your opt folder.

The following are a few examples of how you may need to delete your Anaconda folder

sudo su

rm -rf anaconda3

rm -rf ~/anaconda3

rm -rf ~/opt/anaconda3

rm -rf /opt/anaconda3

  1. Close and reopen your terminal to refresh it. You should no longer see (base) in your terminal prompt.

If you want here is a detailed explanation:

Please let us know if that fixed your problem, we are eager to help you.

Thanks Carlos, I tried

rm -rf anaconda3

rm -rf ~/anaconda3

rm -rf ~/opt/anaconda3

rm -rf /opt/anaconda3

but the last one shows "permission denied.

why is that the case? see if you some insight on that
Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 19.10.09

Hi again,

Please run it with sudo, It will ask for your user password afterwards:

sudo rm -rf /opt/anaconda3

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Thanks Carlos, this helped me