Anaconda on Mac M3 Max Pro No Longer Works

I got a new macbook, 2023 M3 Pro Max last year, and had downloaded Anaconda a week later on that. I just opened Anaconda for a project I wanted to start and it no longer opens. After doing conda updates and redownloading Anaconda - it now opens but with an error:

An unexpected error occurred in Navigator start-up.

Module ‘collections’ has no attribute ‘mapping’. Using AI tools, it seems the anaconda software is no longer compatible with Python 3.10 or newer, which I have Python 3.11. And many other fundamental packages are no longer in use or up to date. Apparently this error goes back to early 2023 with no fix other than downloading each software one by one and creating an environment for each of them, and a new environment for each individual project.

This has been an annoying task and work around.