Anaconda is not launching any Apps

since some months i am unable to launch an APP with Anaconda, i habe to use the cmd to enter the env and then open spyder or Jupyter notebook over there…
I updated anaconda, which didn´t work.
I uninstalled and installed Anaconda several times but it didn’t work.

I just don’t like to use the cmd to open any apps i loved it to do it over anaconda.

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dear liza_kaladjian.

nice to meet you.

In order for us to answer your question, we need to contact you about your environment.

For example, for Windows, versions 7-11. Even for MacOS, names such as Lepard to Montrey. If it’s Linux, the distribution you’re using.

If you don’t know those environments, you can’t come up with the right answer. This is because there are unique settings for Windows, MacOS, and Linux in the startup settings of anaconda navigator.

This is because they can be started with the GUI if the PATH and environment variables required for starting are in place.

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Hey @ktsh.tanaka.2020

Thank you for the response. I’m using windows 10 at the moment.

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dear liza_kaladjian.

thank you for reply.

In the case of Windows, it is usually due to a registry error or a PATH setting condition.

To solve the root cause, please check when you reinstall.

  1. If you have Python installed other than Anaconda, is your PATH in there?
  2. Isn’t the environment variable set overwritten and not modified?
  3. Of particular importance are the PATH settings and environment variable settings.

I don’t think the installer itself is doing anything extra, however, if the settings of those variables change due to the mechanism of Windows, and if the old settings remain, that may be prioritized. Because.

Please check it and give us the information again, and we will be able to give you more detailed advice.

Regards, you.

im really sorry to tell you that i dont know where to find the answer to your questions, but my problem isnt solved yet