Anaconda installation fails

My python scripts would not run and it seemed that the Pandas and Numpy modules were broken. So I ran the Anaconda uninstall program, and then tried to re-install Anaconda, but the installation failed. The fail message said I should contact you.

Good Morning,

Thank you so much for contacting us, please open your Terminal on the Mac menu and launch these commands:

mkdir /Users/$USER/.config/

mkdir /Users/$USER/.config/fish/

touch /Users/$USER/ .bash_profile .tcshrc .xonshrc .zshrc

touch /Users/$USER/.config/fish/

sudo chown -R $USER ~/.bash_profile ~/.config/fish/ ~/.tcshrc ~/.xonshrc ~/.zshrc

Then proceed with the installation regardless of the output results.
Then you should be able to install Anaconda after a reboot, please let us know if that worked for you.