Using Conda on iMac M1 with Python3 not working

I originally had Anaconda loaded on my iMac M1 ARM64 when Python version was 3.9. I now have Python version 3.12 and tried using numpy but always says module not available (as appears to be stuck in Python 3.9 mode). Have just tried to completely remove Anaconda (Base no longer seen in Terminal line) however cant seem to reload Anaconda again. Download package attempted to place in Applications but Apple error message says cant install as not controlled/accepted by Apple. So How can I be sure Anaconda is completely removed and then how to reinstall with version which will work with Python 3.12

What error did you get when you tried the install?

Was it similar to this error message:

(base) stephenweller@Stephens-MacBook-Pro-2 ~ % conda create -n numpytest2 python=3.12 numpy
Retrieving notices: ...working... done

CondaValueError: The target prefix is the base prefix. Aborting.

The error CondaValueError: The target prefix is the base prefix. Aborting. occurs when you try to create a new environment with Conda in the same directory as the base environment. To resolve this, ensure that the new environment has a unique name and is not being created in the base environment’s directory. For example, use conda create -n myenv python=3.12 to create a new environment named myenv with Python 3.12.