Uploads of packages to Anaconda Cloud failing with 405 status

As of 2022-08-16 package uploads to Anaconda cloud have been failing with anaconda-client for some projects with a Method Not Allowed: Specified method is invalid for this resource 405 status.

This is happening for matplotlib’s nightly wheel uploads to the scipy-wheels-nightly Anaconda cloud org (which have been working fine for weeks with no issues). This is also happening to pytorch’s nightly uploads as well (c.f. Status 405 when attempting to upload packages · Issue #619 · Anaconda-Platform/anaconda-client · GitHub). However, this seems to be happening intermittently and not to all projects as other projects in the scipy-wheels-nightly org like pandas and numpy seem to be able to upload without errors.

As users of anaconda-client there isn’t much that we can do to debug any of this. Can someone from the Anaconda Cloud team please look into this?

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As the “new users can only post 2 links” setting is turned on (:-1:), here’s the link to the scipy-wheels-nightly Anaconda cloud org.

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This seems to have been resolved on the Anaconda backend as the uploads are no longer failing. It would be useful to know how things got fixed though and how to report this in the future though.