Updating Anaconda to the latest version

I am trying to update Anaconda Navigator to version 2.4.0. If I try through the GUI, it just hangs on the following window:

If I try through the terminal it just hangs on solving environment. I have tried restarting etc but I can’t get it working. I am using Mac OS 13.3.1

Good morning,

Please try this command in the terminal instead:

conda update -n base conda

If you are still experiencing issues please send us the output of this command:

conda info

We are eager to help you.

Hi Carlos,

That first command is doing the same thing, hanging on solving environment.

The output of the second command is below:

active environment : None

            shell level : 0

       user config file : /Users/franpugh/.condarc

 populated config files : /Users/franpugh/.condarc

          conda version : 22.11.1

    conda-build version : 3.21.5

         python version : 3.9.7.final.0

       virtual packages : __archspec=1=x86_64



       base environment : /Users/franpugh/opt/anaconda3  (writable)

      conda av data dir : /Users/franpugh/opt/anaconda3/etc/conda

  conda av metadata url : None

           channel URLs : https://conda.anaconda.org/conda-forge/osx-64






          package cache : /Users/franpugh/opt/anaconda3/pkgs


       envs directories : /Users/franpugh/opt/anaconda3/envs


               platform : osx-64

             user-agent : conda/22.11.1 requests/2.27.1 CPython/3.9.7 Darwin/22.4.0 OSX/10.16

                UID:GID : 501:20

             netrc file : None

           offline mode : False

Hi again, please launch these commands and tells us what happens:

conda config --remove channels conda-forge

conda update conda

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda update conda

Hey, the first command works ok but the second one is stuck on solving environment again.

OK so it is now saying

Found conflicts! Looking for incompatible packages.

This can take several minutes. Press CTRL-C to abort.

Examining conflict for anaconda-navigator anaconda:

It appears to be stuck on 0% done

Hi again,

Thank you for the information that you provided, what you are experiencing It’s an error of packages with conflicts because you installed packages with conda forge which is our unofficial repository and mix it with the base environment.

To not have problems we always recommend to use new environments each time that you installed too much packages specially if they are unofficial.

I suggest you to reinstall Anaconda with a full reinstallation to solve your problem and work with environments which are isolated one from the other.

For that purpose I will leave you the instructions to reinstall and the guide that explains how to work with environments.


I’m going to leave you the installer here for your platform so that you can install it:


There is the x86 installer as well:


It’s also advisable to completely uninstall Anaconda before proceeding with the installation to make sure to get rid of any errors, you can do that if you follow these instructions:

macOS or Linux

  1. Open your terminal application.
  2. Remove your entire Anaconda directory with rm -rf. Depending on your installation, your anaconda2 or anaconda3 directory will be in your root folder or in your opt folder.

The following are a few examples of how you may need to delete your Anaconda folder

rm -rf anaconda3

rm -rf ~/anaconda3

rm -rf ~/opt/anaconda3

  1. Close and reopen your terminal to refresh it. You should no longer see (base) in your terminal prompt.

If you want here is a detailed explanation:


Please let us know if that fixed your problem, we are eager to help you.

Hi I have removed the anaconda3 directory but I am now getting the following error:

OK it is working now. Thank you