Uninstall cuda failed

The python is 3.11, and install 11.8 cuda, and remove it by uninstaller. /usr/local/cuda-11.8/bin/cuda-uninstaller.

But we still can see output in conda list.
(base) adminpc@adminpc-B760-DS3H:~$ conda list |grep cuda
cuda-cudart 11.8.89 0 nvidia
cuda-cupti 11.8.87 0 nvidia
cuda-libraries 11.8.0 0 nvidia
cuda-nvrtc 11.8.89 0 nvidia
cuda-nvtx 11.8.86 0 nvidia
cuda-opencl 12.2.140 0 nvidia
cuda-runtime 11.8.0 0 nvidia
pytorch-cuda 11.8 h7e8668a_5 pytorch
pytorch-mutex 1.0 cuda pytorch-nightly

when use the command of cuda remove, it always failed with
RemoveError: ‘setuptools’ is a dependency of conda and cannot be removed from
conda’s operating environment.

conda remove cuda-cudart cuda-cupti cuda-libraries cuda-nvrtc cuda-nvtx cuda-opencl cuda-runtime pytorch-cuda pytorch-mutex

anyway to solve the problem?
we hope to change another version of cuda.