Unable to install scikit-learn or scipy (Link Error with return code 255)

Hi I’m trying to install intel-aikit-modin in my virtual environment that is running on Python 3.7.13 :: Intel Corporation. While doing so, I run into an error with installing scikit-learn which is as follows.

I’ve been looking everywhere for a fix to this but I can’t wrap my head around the error itself. If someone could help me out that would be great. Thank you so much!

The easiest way to determine what is wrong here will be to try and reproduce the error you are seeing.
It is likely a package dependency problem - a problem/conflict with the packages installed in your current conda environment.

Can you please run the command:
conda list

and paste the ouput below? This will show all installed packages and package versions in your environment…


Hi, I suspected a similar issue so I uninstalled and reinstalled anaconda3 as well as all packages and environments. That seemed to have fixed the installation issue. However, when I try to import modin.pandas into my jupyter notebook it says ‘no module named modin found’ even though the virtual environment has modin installed. Is there a reason for this?


This is the error that I see when I try to import the package

Did you install the ‘pandas’ package into your virtual environment?

I would also try following the instructions listed here to install ‘modin’ into your virtual environment: