Unable to install Cartopy in Spyder

I’m working with a user who has installed cartopy in her Anaconda environment (base/root), but it has not been installed in her Spyder environment where she’s trying to run a script requiring cartopy. Does anyone know the proper way to import/install the module in Spyder? Or do we need to activate the base/root environment for Spyder? Thank you!

Hi @macy.morgan and welcome!

There are two ways you can use Spyder within conda:

  • Either you install it in each one of the environments that you’re using, and where it makes sense to have it
  • Or you can install Spyder in its own environment and connect it to another environment (the base environment) with a procedure that is described in details in Spyder’s Wiki.

And here’s a few general pieces of advice:

  • Don’t hesitate creating new environments, it’s easy to do and prove very useful in a lot of situations. Your user could just run from the command line conda create -n herenvname spyder cartopy to create a new environment, then activate it with conda activate herenvname and run Spyder with spyder.
  • It’s best to avoid installing packages in the base environment. The cleaner this environment is, the easier it is to update conda itself and the less likely it is to break things.
  • Installing new packages in an existing environment can in some cases be challenging for conda if there are already a lot of packages installed in this environment. Again, in that case, don’t hesitate creating a new environment (and removing the older one if it’s of no use).