Unable to install Anaconda Windows

New beginner here -

The process failes, and I get
::Error:: Failed to extract packages

I can then cancel, try again or ignore. Try again produces the same message, and ignore failes, and I get
Failed to link extracted packages. Please ckeck logs.

What do I need to do?

Can I see some screenshots of how you are trying to install Anaconda?
I would check if you have any firewalls blocking the installation. I would try to run the installer as an administrator.
If you could upload more detailed logs, it will be helpful to troubleshoot.

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Thank you for the fast response. I took a look at the logs and found some limitations on the computer (as it is a work computer). A short conversation with IT gave me the access I needed.

Glad that it is resolved for you.

I have tried installing anaconda on my computer but it’s giving a message as unable to extract packages I have even changed the path