The Developers Don't Care

I wrote a scathing post but I actually deleted it and rather than listing all the errors and crap I’m battling with, I’m just going to say what it implies. I’ve used your software for no more than 24 hours and it seems to have (ultimately lacking in a better term) 'hacked ’ it’s way through my system. Next to the very unfortunate, lost souls like me on Stacked Overflow, I am really not the only one it seems. I don’t want to lodge anything in the form of a constructive bug report. I’ve heard only terrible things about Anaconda across the board and thought “Listen, a student and aspiring dev like me is sure lucky to live in an age where companies are kind enough to offer a free version of software they usually sell”. And after reading the documentation, I was super relieved to have some help to gain time I would have lost with boilerplate, tedious code. Aaaaand the deadlines came and went because no python, conda, anaconda or pip will work on my system and somehow anaconda is not where it should be in the registry. If you’ll excuse me, I need to brush up on some regex and grab a metaphorical spade to just dig up the uninstall button which just isn’t there at the moment…

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dear danjames

Thank you for posting.

It was very philosophical and difficult, so you may be confused, including us.

When installing Python, it basically works if you follow the basic installation method. However, environment variable settings and shell settings are left to the user, so it cannot be said that they are all correct.

The same is true for Anaconda.

What I can say for sure is that the best way to get them to work is to create a testing environment and test them.

For example, even in the case of Windows, you can test the Linux environment using Virtual PC. In this case, the biggest problem is MacOS, but I think it is common to consider them as different OSs and test them because of the license.

It’s up to each hacker or user to decide on the bug report, so we don’t mind.

However, we would appreciate it if you could follow the guidelines for use.

Regards, you.