SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Hi Community
I open Anaconda Prompt.
Type “python” ENTER.
Then every command I write from any and every tutorial/guide/whats-it gets:
“SyntaxError: invalid syntax”.
Assume its some path thing that doesn’t have a clear explanation on any example I search, but opening Anaconda Prompt is supposed to solve that, as per Anaconda’s own recommendation during installation.
Anyone run into this themselves and fixed it?
Thanks in advance.

To be able to help you, it would be very useful if you could specify:

  • what exactly shows up in the terminal when you first open it
  • what is printed after you type python
  • what you are typing in after that
  • a copy of the error message.

Hi Martin. Thanks for replying.

I’ve been researching and I think I’m getting there :slightly_smiling_face: