Start terminal with previous conda environment

Is there a way to start up the terminal with the previously run conda environment instead of having to activate it on every startup? Setting up a default environment doesn’t really help since if the environment you set as your default environment isn’t the one you had for your previous session, you still have to activate it.

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It’s easy.

for example,

Create the Conda environment with the conda create command. The following command creates a Python 3.6 environment with the name py36.

(base) $ conda create --name py36 python = 3.6

Activate the created environment with the conda activate environment name.

(base) $ conda activate py36
(py36) $

When you switch the Conda environment, the prompt display also switches from (base) to (py36).

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I am not sure whether there is any way to do it natively, but you could always place a conda activate line in your .bashrc or similar file, depending on your OS/shell preferences.

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The Tutorial is fine and won’t hurt.

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