Problem with Activating Conda Environment

Hi everyone!

I’ve been using Anaconda for a few months now, but I randomly started running into this problem a couple days ago. The “conda activate” command no longer seems to work (no error, but my env name doesn’t show up in parentheses at the left of my command line like it used to, which usually indicates that the “activate” command successfully activated my environment). I also used the “conda env list” command to verify that the "activate command didn’t activate my desired environment:

Any help or advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

(I am running on a Windows Surface Pro 8 with conda 4.10.3 in Command Prompt)

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dear Serena_Tang

thank you for your posting.
There are several reports of such a phenomenon.

Even recently StackOverFlow has an answer to a similar problem

We will provide you with a reference URL, so please refer to it. Also, phenomenologically, there are many PATH abnormalities. I will provide the URL of the medium article, so please refer to it.



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