Spyder won't launch on Mac with Intel processor (Segmentation fault: 11)

Spyder will not launch on my Mac and I lack the skill set to understand the error message. I’ve got an Intel Mac running S14.1.2 (just updated). I’ve removed and reinstalled Anaconda a number of times, but nothing changes. I use the default installation location for anaconda3. The terminal error message is shown below. The same thing happens if I try to launch it from Anaconda Navigator. Any recommendations? Thank you!

Error message:
(base) johndoe@Johns-iMac ~ % conda activate john
(john) johndoe@Johns-iMac ~ % spyder
fromIccProfile: failed minimal tag size sanity
/Users/johndoe/anaconda3/envs/John/bin/pythonw: line 3: 26303 Segmentation fault: 11 /Users/johndoe/anaconda3/envs/John/python.app/Contents/MacOS/python “$@”
(john) johndoe@Johns-iMac ~ % [26553:259:1209/172814.926227:ERROR:mach_port_rendezvous.cc(310)] bootstrap_look_up org.chromium.Chromium.MachPortRendezvousServer.1: Unknown service name (1102)
[26553:259:1209/172814.926746:ERROR:child_thread_impl.cc(216)] Mach rendezvous failed, terminating process (parent died?)
(john) johndoe@Johns-iMac ~ %