Something is causing Jupiter lab to eat 100% + of my cpu it is unusable?

It is now using 100% + of the CPU and it is basically freezing and unusable. I have closed down all my files, tried restarting it numerous times, safe start etc and it won’t even open up without taking 5-10 min just to start, I cant click on the files to exit them with out it taking minutes to do, Any ideas? Im on a MacBook Pro, using safari.

I was just running python code using api’s for crypto/finance sites.I had this problem to a lesser degree about a year ago with display all columns in a data frame which caused a similar problem but less severe a year ago and I had to use that again this week and then the whole thing froze and now it won’t even start back up and let me open a file. I tried to restart the kernel a couple of times but it didn’t seem to work?

Any suggestions? THANKS!

macOS Monterey:
proc: 2.6ghz 6 core intel core I7
memory 16gb 2667 MHz ddr4
graphics intel uhd graphics 630 1536 mb

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 12.11.10 PM

dear edward_mcmillan.

thank you for your posting.

I was just running python code using api’s for crypto/finance sites.I
Since the corona disaster and the war in Ukraine have started, access to cryptocurrency (finance/encryption) sites has been concentrated, and I think that is the reason.

In addition, access to digital currency trading sites is also congested.

In order to complete the transaction in real time, I hear that it is necessary to take measures such as holding stocks in those markets, participating in management, and paying options to obtain preferential transactions.

Rather than troubles on the system side of the Python program, it is probably caused by transactions in the speeding up of social transactions.

To solve it, it will be politics, not engineering, but I do not have the power to do so.

Try to realize what you can do now with python.

Regards, you.