Revoke Seat vs. Remove from Organization

When would I want to revoke a user’s seat versus remove them from the organization? If the user no longer uses Anaconda, I would revoke their seat, but why not remove them from the organization instead?

Hello Sheila.

You are right, most use cases involve completely removing someone from the organization. And, if you remove the user from the organization without revoking the seat first, then their seat should return to your cache of seats and you can then assign that seat to a new user.

A case where you might want to revoke and not remove:
If you have a user who is assigned a seat and is also an admin. There may come a time, when they no longer need the license, but you want them to remain admin-- maybe they have moved into a solely administrative role, or someone else needs the license. In that case, you can revoke the seat/license, but leave them in the org as the admin. Also would be the same for a billing manager role.

Let me know if this answers your question. There may be other scenarios, too, but the above scenario I gave is one that is not uncommon.


Thank you, Kimber. This is very helpful.


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