Python version from Anaconda environment not being used in Notebook

I have been using custom environments with with Anaconda for about a year with no problems.

When I open Jupyter Notebook from the Anaconda interface I run a line of code at the top of my Notebook just to be sure I launched Jupyter from the right environment.

The correct environment shows as activated, and lists the correct Python version, but my Notebook shows a different version from what’s in the active env. Any ideas what’s causing this?

I’m new here, please let me know what information I should leave to help the trouble shooting effort.


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from ktsh.tanaka to dfergus

Thank you very much for the valuable information.

In the case of Jupyter, it will be started in the environment built with the first python. However, the environment for executing python scripts is python set in PYTHONPATH.

That is why I think such a display will appear.

In the future, the error information that will be required for user support is “What kind of operation caused such a phenomenon?” Or "If an error code is spit out, the error log of the environment. It is a good idea to collect “etc.”

Especially if you change the basic settings, the environment may change significantly, and beginner users often hesitate, so I think it is important to take such measures.

Regards, you.