Python app to run in browser - possible?

The only time i’ve ever been able to make stand-alone apps was when i was learning ApplesoftBASIC, waaaaay back when. It’s very frustrating.

i would like to (and have, mostly) code a python app that would open a xlsx file, get two values out of it, do some cleanup (delete rows, add columns populated with those values), then save it as a .csv. The files can reside local to the workstation, but if possible i’d like the code to run from a webpage (i don’t think i’ll be allowed to add it to the workstations, and i KNOW i won’t be allowed to install python on any of them! i’m doing all this on my personal laptop.)

Currently i’ve got a Jupyter Notebook file that does nearly all of this. If i hard-code paths, everything works just fine. But what i want is to be able to select the file to open, then the directory to save it in. Having trouble with that (different post).

So ideally someone else would be able to go to a website and run this app which would allow them to select a file locally, clean it up as needed and save it as a csv locally. i seem to remember being able to run java apps like that (locally, but through my browser).

Is this possible?