Problem installing drawio extension

I’ve done a clean install on my Macbook M1 of the latest download of Anaconda and then clicked through update when prompted after launching Anaconda. I’ve tried to install the drawio extension using

conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab-drawio

that seemed to work, but when I open Jupyter Lab it gives me the following dialogue box

I click on build, but then get the following error message:

Build failed with 500.

    If you are experiencing the build failure after installing an extension (or trying to include previously installed extension after updating JupyterLab) please check the extension repository for new installation instructions as many extensions migrated to the prebuilt extensions system which no longer requires rebuilding JupyterLab (but uses a different installation procedure, typically involving a package manager such as 'pip' or 'conda').

    If you specifically intended to install a source extension, please run 'jupyter lab build' on the server for full output.

I’ve tried uninstalling the drawio extension yet still get the error messages above after reopening Anaconda and Jupyter Lab.

I’ve checked my Jupyter Lab version and it is up to date.

Anyone have any way to fix this issue?