Prevent VSCode from starting both (base) and (other venv)

I have Visual Studio Code and Anaconda installed.
I created a barebones Python 3.11 virtual environment in Anconda Navigator to be used with Visual Studio Code.
When I run my Python script and selected the 3.11 conda venv, I noticed that first the (base) environment is started after which the 3.11 starts up.
I guess there is no need for the (base) to be run first, so how do I prevent that?

Here is the output when running the script:

(base) C:\Users<username>\Script>conda activate env311

(env311) C:\Users<username>\Script>C:/Users//AppData/Local/anaconda3/envs/GSW311/python.exe “c:/Users//Script/Test/”
3.11.5 | packaged by Anaconda, Inc. | (main, Sep 11 2023, 13:26:23) [MSC v.1916 64 bit (AMD64)]
hello, Koen

(env311) C:\Users<username>\Script>

PS. I did add Anaconda to my WIndows PATH.