How to use Anaconda Python from Visual Studio Code?

When I start Visual Studio Code from Anaconda, it runs my python code without problems. When I start VSC from Windows Start Menu, it doesn’t.

I posted the details of the question here, but did not get an answer, so I am posting it in this forum as well.

Thanks, Kurt

Try to uninstall anaconda and resetup.

You first need to create a Windows shortcut to the Visual Studio Code executable and then you can add it to the ‘Start Menu’ in Windows. You can find the VSCode executable in this location on your machine:
C:\Users<your_login>\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code\Code.exe

Right-click on this file and choose ‘Create Shortcut’ from the ‘Show More Options’ menu.
Note: You may need to tell Windows Explorer to show ‘Hidden Files and Folders’, since the ‘AppData’ folder is typically hidden on your system.

Next, to add the app to your ‘Styart Menu’, you can follow the instructions here:

Thanks for the tip! It seems to have sloved my problem, although I don’t understand why. But solved is solved. Thanks again.

It turns out that reinsstalling did not work. I had two instances of VSC open which fixed both somehow. Now conda is not found anymore, even when starting through Anaconda Navigator …

First get start to Anaconda Prompt. Then print “Code” to open VS Code.