Powershell Prompt not showing post installation in macbook

Hello, Please require help to know why powershell prompt is not showing in mac post installation of anaconda

Hello, and welcome to the PyScript nucleus! I’m not sure if I understand your question - are you using an installation of Microsoft Powershell on Mac, or some other shell?

Hi Jeff, Thanks to reply to my quire.
I will briefly explain my quire, I have an Apple Mac Air M2 chip where i’ve installed Anaconda Navigator. Post installation on the main window of Navigator i am able to access Spyder, Jupyter lab , Jupiter Noteboo and other tools but Powershell Prompt Icon of Anaconda is missing and i’m unable to figure out how to dowload the same. If you can support on this subject would be much helpful.
Thanks in advance,

Ah, this is showing up specifically within the pyscript tag on this forum. You might have better luck reposting it in a more general category like product help.

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Thank you for contacting us, in Mac a difference of Windows is that you use your terminal app to launch commands instead of power shell or Anaconda prompt.

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