Navigator missing from start menu/ anaconda not working

I’ve been trying to install Anaconda 3.9 on windows in order to use Jupyter notebook. On the first install attempt Navigator icon did appear on the start menu, when I opened it crashed the whole PC to reboot screen.I then uninstalled and reinstalled from scratch however the icon seemed to link to the original install and wouldn’t open anything. I then manually removed it from the start bar but have not been able to locate it since even after further uninstall/reinstall.

It seems like there are bits and pieces left from previous install attempts which are conflicting with each other so nothing works. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

Thanks for submitting your issue report. This sounds like a frustrating experience.
There are some tips in the documentation on uninstalling: Uninstalling Anaconda — Anaconda documentation but it sounds like because of the way things crashed those might not apply or help.
There are also a few tips in the troubleshooting section that might help:
Troubleshooting — Anaconda documentation
Troubleshooting — Anaconda documentation
Troubleshooting — Anaconda documentation

For Navigator in particular, there can be hidden configuration files that are leftover between installations. I think I’d probably start there. (You’ll find them in your home directory most likely in the .continuum and .anaconda directories.)

Hope that helps!