How do I run VS Code in Anaconda Navigator?

I am very new to Anaconda Navigator, etc… I have been following faithfully, each lesson in the free Getting Started tutorial. Up until creating and running a simple one line program in VSCode, it was perfect. In the VSCode tutorial, it simply said “run / launch VS Code”. But I do NOT have it on my Anaconda Navigator menu. I am in Windows 10. My Anaconda /Jupyter installation was perfect, but now I am lost. What should I do? I do not wish to experiment/tamper with my setup as it seems to be very stable and error-free until this VSCode lesson. Would appreciate some guidance on getting the VSCode properly configured/installed within the Anaconda Navigator. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your question @Ramon_Tan VSCode is not installed as part of Anaconda. You’ll need to install it separately. Download Visual Studio Code - Mac, Linux, Windows Once it is installed on your machine, you will see it in the Anaconda Navigator menu. In the past, there was an option to install VSCode directly from Navigator - but that is no longer an option.
Hope this helps!

Many thanks CrystalS – I followed your tip and it is now working fine.

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I usually use VS Code Nightly instead of base VS Code… is there a way to have it launch VS Code Nightly instead of VS Code?