Manage channels doesnt do anything

Hi, im a newbie using latest Anaconda Navigator 2.3.2 in Windows 10.

Im facing this problem:create an environment, and by default it only comes with one channel “default”.
Then i click on channels button, where i can see the channels, as said in this moment only default channel with icon trash at the right.

In same form i click add button, to add the conda-forge channel. I add the conda-forge channel. Seems it get added because i can see now the two channels. I click on update channels and go to the main window of Anaconda.

Then i go back to channels to manage channels in my environment, and i only got the default channel. conda-forge wasnt there.

I tried to quit and enter again, reboot computer…anything…

Any help would be apreciated

??? Anybody can help ?¿?

@Eduardo_Gutierrez I think you can also define new channels in the .condarc file ideally located under C:\Users<yourusername>. Give that a try and see if it retains the new channel when looking up via Navigator