Making search of the community site easier

Hello. This is aimed at the people who look after this community site (which seems to be a skinned version of discourse, right?)

Thank you for setting this up. I’ve just started using it, but what i noticed immediately is that it’s hard to search for existing topics/content.

It seems you do have a search box if you navigate up to the top level of the site, but what would be way more helpful is if you had a search icon on each topic page. That’s normally how most discourse sites I’ve seen operate but it looks like maybe your branding/skin has hidden/removed it. I haven’t been able to check this on a desktop, so it’s possible it’s missing just in the mobile view.

The problem you’ll get without making search easy is that people won’t bother checking existing answers and you’ll have endless repeats of the same question. You may get this anyway to a degree, even with search but at least you’ve more of a hope of it happening less (ie with more motivated/tech savvy/less lazy people!)

I did look around where to post this and i hope this is a reasonable spot.



See the easily accessed search icon on the discussed demo site here:

It’s on every page, top right

Hi @neil thank you so much for the feedback! This is definitely on our roadmap and something we will be addressing soon. Please send any other feedback that you think might enhance your experience. We really appreciate you taking the time to reach out.

Senior Product Manager


Thanks @pramaswamy - i will do.

I really appreciate this site now I’ve found it, and more broadly, I’m most grateful for everything Anaconda has done too with conda.