Launching Anaconda Powershell Prompt displays an error


I have the latest version of Anaconda installed, which comes with the base install of Python 3.10. Using the Anaconda Navigator app, I created a separate environment named “Snowflake_Python_38” which has Python 3.8 interpreter and all the relevant packages for this environment.

I am trying to configure Microsoft Visual Code (VS Code) such that it points to the Python 3.8 interpreter, which I had to specify in a setting.json file. However, I cannot get the Python 3.8 Terminal Shell to work within VS Code, so that when I run the *.py code within VS Code, it errors out.

When I launch “Anaconda Powershell Prompt”, I see this error:

I can share whatever information you need to troubleshoot this issue.

I would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.