Jupyter Notebooks and Github

Does anyone know an easy way to sync Jupyter notebooks to Github?

I’ve been using Google Colab and notebooks can be easily opened and saved to/from Github with a menu command.

I recently installed Anaconda and I can’t find an equivalent option within Jupyter Notebook… other than manually copying files to/from GitHub to my local drive.


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Hi Nancy,

I’m not sure whether it’s possible directly with Jupyter Notebooks, but I do know there is a git extension for JupyterLab

It’s worth mentioning too that GitHub also offers a desktop client, which allows you to interactively sync with GitHub. That may be a nice option if command line git isn’t an option.


P.S. here is some info on another extension, which looks great but I haven’t used personally: https://towardsdatascience.com/introducing-gitplus-version-control-extension-for-jupyter-6aac3bd5a420