Jupyter labs not working

When I create a new environment, on the home tab there is not the option to install jupyter notebooks or labs, which is what I need. To get around this I back up my base environment to Anaconda cloud and import it back. These allows me to have jupyter notebooks and labs, for a while because after a while I have a message about multiple error and the environment stops working. The errors first appear when I try to install a new package, a different package each time. To get is working again, I have to reinstall Anaconda and manually delete all environments.

Anaconda has errors when I try to install Pytorch on the base environment and Jupyter lab does not open using the lunch button, to run Jupyter lab I need to open cmd and run the command to know the token to access it.

Any ideas what is causing all these problems?

I am using Anaconda 22.05 on Windows 10. I am using anaconda for machine learning with Pytorch, so packages are connected to that.