Is Python enabled in the Microsoft LTSC Professional Plus 2021 license type?

My organization has the Microsoft LTSC Professional Plus 2021 license type, and I don’t see the Insider option even after updating to the latest available version. Is the Python option planned to be enabled for this license type?

Hi Carlos, the Windows desktop version of Excel must be installed for the integration to work, regardless of license. If you’re using Windows, I can recommend this tutorial video to walk you through the steps to get access to the beta channel. Olanrewaju Oyinbooke on LinkedIn: A lot of people asked me how to enable Python in Microsoft Excel feature.….

I hope that helps!

Hi Jess, thank you very much for your comment. That video was the first one I saw. I followed the instructions, but for the type of license I have, the option to join Insider does not appear. That’s why my question was specific about this type of licensing. It is worth mentioning that I use the Desktop version of Office and I do not see any option to join Insider.

Yesterday I received further support directly from MS, and I was informed that I could see those updates through the Beta Channel, but it also does not allow me to access that channel.

I see what you mean. If you click “I’m interested” on this page, it should allow you to sign up for the Insider program. It does take up to a week to get access to the beta channel after that. Get started with Python in Excel - Microsoft Support